Asturias will focus on nature tourism at Feria de Madrid

Published on : Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Asturias will focus on nature tourism at this year’s FITUR International Tourism Trade Fair, which is holding its Special Tourism Recovery show from 19 to 23 May at Feria de Madrid. Under the motto ‘Asturias – adventure and ecotourism destination’, the autonomous community’s stand will showcase an audiovisual and digital space devoted to generating sensory and digital experiences focused on nature and adventure.

The importance of nature at the stand will be represented by a ‘forest of experiences’, a hyperrealistic mise en scène of woodland using free-dried natural and artificial plants, according to the Principality of Asturias. Meanwhile, the stand’s centrepiece will be an ‘immersion gallery’, which will be a focal point for the pavilion, not only because of its size and location but also the sensory and audiovisual experience which will transport visitors into a virtual world.

Textile leather

This year’s innovative concept, outside the world of technology, is the textile leather that will be used in voluminous quantities in the upper part of the stand. ‘These are recycled strips of jute bearing large printed images to remind visitors of how much the landscape of Asturias invokes adventure. The impact will be reinforced by lengths of strip lighting’.

The Asturias stand will be created following an environmentally friendly approach. ‘The wooden components are made of recovered wood or timber from controlled forests. And this same care for the environment will extend to all elements of the stand’.

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