G Adventures to Launch Trans Bhutan Trail Itineraries

G Adventures will be the first adventure tour operator to offer itineraries that enable travelers to walk the ancient Trans Bhutan Trail, which will reopen on March 22, 2022, for the first time in 60 years following a two-year restoration.

G Adventures was chosen by the Bhutan Canada Foundation, the non-profit organization that spearheaded the trail’s restoration.


The tour operator unveiled two new trekking itineraries under its Active tours category, which are scheduled to depart on May 1, 2022 – the 11-day “Camp the Trans Bhutan Trail” itinerary, including camping and homestays, and the 12-day “Highlights of the Trans Bhutan Trail” package, featuring homestay accommodations, as well stays in local guesthouses and hotels.

The Bumdrak Monastery Campsite
The Bumdrak Monastery Campsite. (photo via G Adventures)

The tours are now open for bookings and include the permits, required to walk the trail.

They will focus on trekking specific portions of the 250-mile trail and are designed to immerse participants in Bhutanese life and culture, said Yves Marceau, G Adventures’ vice president of product.

“We’re honored to be working with the Bhutan Canada Foundation and the Trans Bhutan Trail to launch the newly restored Trail in magical Bhutan,” he said.

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“It’s a country we’ve run tours in for more than a decade and have long admired for its commitment to the happiness of its people and sustainable way of life, which are both philosophies that align with our values as an organization.”

He added, “In today’s world, the pandemic has encouraged people to spend more time in nature and now they are looking for similar experiences when they travel.

“Our new trips cover the highlights of the trail as hikers traverse forests and meadows and travel through rural settlements around the Dzongs [fortresses].

“Travelers can expect an average of three to four hours of hiking each day and delicious local meals each night, whether they are camping or staying in homestays, hotels or local guest houses.”

Bhutan Canada Foundation Chair Sam Blyth noted that G Adventures was ideally suited as a partner to aid in the trail’s reopening in light of its background of specialty in small-group tours that on giving back to local communities.

“As well as providing income opportunities for local people, especially youth, in rural communities, the restoration of the trail is a community-based project designed to preserve an ancient cultural icon and provide a sustainable experience for traveler,” he said.

“Economic benefit will flow directly into the local communities as a result of community tourism, whether via homestays, the purchase of supplies locally for multi-day trips or the employment of local guides.”

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