Travellers reveal the worst type of people on a cruise – are you one of them?

GOING on a cruise holiday can be a trip of a lifetime, with incredible food, drink and scenery all at your fingertips.

But that can all be ruined if you’re surrounded by passengers that drive you mad.

Cruisers have revealed the worst kinds of passengers on board


Cruisers have revealed the worst kinds of passengers on board

Some keen cruisers have taken to social discussion site Reddit to share their most hated type of passengers.

Cruise lover Scott2G asked the question: “What are your cruising pet peeves?” which prompted nearly 200 responses.

His most hated type of passengers are the ones who get in the way.

He wrote: “It drives me crazy when fellow passengers seem to have no spatial awareness and just stand there completely blocking a walkway.”

User Sustainedtrunk said their biggest pet peeve on a cruise is when passengers are rude to staff.

They wrote: “Passengers that act like the crew are slaves, and treat them as such.

“I’ve seen a guy throw his drink on the ground because the waiter took too long.”

Another person who went by the name ‘oftitt’ agreed and commented: “Anyone who acts rude or entitled to crew members.”

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Following the theme of rude passengers, user notmylesdev said their most hated people on a cruise are those that look down on others.

They wrote: “As a young person who goes on more premium/luxury lines, people who look at me like I don’t belong there.

“I get paid the same amount as you, I deserve to be there just as much as you. Leave me be and stop staring or waiting for me to make a mistake.”

Another cruise lover called Prinzka agreed: “Yeah, I get the feeling a lot of people think you shouldn’t cruise until you’re retired.

“I make good money and I’m spending that s*** on myself while I’m still young.”

Getting to indulge in foods from around the world is a perk for most people who go on a cruise.

But user drlaura12 shared how much they hate it when people take more than they need.

They wrote: “People who overfill their buffet plates with food they will never eat and throw it away.

“It’s okay to sample new dishes, but you don’t have to take enough to feed a family of six by yourself.

“They will not run out of food.”

And user RCtoy321 revealed their biggest pet peeve, and it is something that has bothered most of us when we’ve been on holiday.

They wrote: “People who throw a towel on a lounger and then walk away from the pool to go do something else but hold their chair.”

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Passengers who are rude to staff rank high on the list of most hated people on a cruise


Passengers who are rude to staff rank high on the list of most hated people on a cruise
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