Audio Essay: What Happens to Travel Now?

Skift Take

Skift CEO Rafat Ali shares an audio essay about the current state of the travel industry as it attempts to manage the challenges and fallout of the Omicron variant.

Cancellations and closures are on the rise as countries react to the Omicron variant. What does this mean for a recently optimistic travel industry?

This special episode of the Skift Podcast features Skift Founder and CEO Rafat Ali in a short 17 minute audio essay, breaking sown the effect of the latest variant flare-up on different sectors of travel, who bears the brunt and who benefits from it. The short essay attempts to put context to what happens now with the effect of Omicron variant on the travel industry, looking ahead to early 2022 and reasons for continued optimism after the initial phase of infections, cancellations and lockdowns again. Listen through below, or in your favorite podcast app.

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