What To Drink While You're Planning Travel

Studies have shown that the simple act of researching or planning travel can boost one’s happiness and improve their mood. But inspiration can be tough to come by sometimes, and that’s where Drifter Craft Cocktails’ ready-to-drink canned cocktails can help turn your dream trip into reality.

This new travel-inspired cocktail collection includes some of the most popular drinks in the world, including one-of-a-kind takes on the spicy margarita, Moscow mule and Brazil’s unique Caipirinha.


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The collection’s newest addition is the Nordic Style Gin & Tonic, which was formulated in partnership with Steva Casey, a bartender with two decades of experience renowned as the den mother of craft bartenders in Birmingham, Alabama. The collection is poised to grow in early 2022 with the introduction of the Raspberry Bourbon Smash created by award-winning bartender Pablo Moix of Scopa, Doma and Old Lightening, Los Angeles.

Available for purchase at select retailers, restaurants and bars across the U.S. and for nationwide shipping via DrifterCraftCocktails.com, these travel-inspired beverages have been recognized with medals from the L.A. Spirits Awards and Las Vegas Global Spirit Awards 2021 for product innovation.

Each drink is inspired by various destinations around the globe, but they share all-natural ingredients, small-batch spirits and the special touch from world-class bartenders. For example, the spicy margarita includes Paladar Blanco Tequila from Jalisco, Mexico; Triple Sec flavor by way of Saumur, France; pineapple juice from Long An, Vietnam and orange flavor and Chipotle extract via Oxnard, California.

“Drifter Craft Cocktails launched five months ago, and we’ve had an incredible response selling in to 22 states and shipping nationwide,” co-founder Pete Nevenglosky said in a statement. “Our bartender-created collection offers transparency on where we source ingredients and what goes into your glass. We look forward to expanding our collection with some of the most recognizable names in cocktails and bar culture.”

For more information and details on where to buy, visit DrifterCraftCocktails.com.

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