I’m a hotel cleaner and these are the things guests do that we hate

MAKING your bed and keeping the floor tidy might not seem important when you’re spending the night in a hotel.

But have you ever spared a thought for the member of staff who has to clean up your mess?

A hotel cleaner shared tips for hotel guests on how to make housekeeping's lives easier


A hotel cleaner shared tips for hotel guests on how to make housekeeping’s lives easier

A hotel cleaner has shared the things she wishes guests would do to make her life easier.

Lykke Marie Rosenberg has taken to question and answer site Quora to give guests tips for their next hotel stay.

She wrote: “I’m a hotel housekeeper at the moment, and here are some things I wish guests would do.

“Tidy the room while you’re staying there. As in, don’t leave your clothes, trash and unmentionables on the floor of the hotel room or on the bed.

“I get that you’re the guest and you can’t wait to get outside, but you brought a suitcase to hold your items, so please use it. Ask yourself – do I really want the housekeeper to have to touch my used thong in order to make the bed?

“And don’t complain about floors not being vacuumed when it’s sometimes just impossible for me to clean because of your mess.”

She continued: “Please respect check in/check out. You have no idea the stress and exhaustion of waiting for that one room to leave so I’m on schedule.

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“If you will be a late check out, let the reception know ahead of time so I know too.

“And please leave your rooms for at least a few hours every day so I can clean them. Don’t be complaining about the cleanliness of the room, the lack of toilet paper, no new towels when you’re in the room all day.

“I knock and you tell me you don’t need housekeeping – well suit yourself, mate.

“Oh yeah, and don’t be mean to me if I knock on your door and find you there. Some people get very offended but it’s just my job.”

Lykke’s final request was for guests to throw away their rubbish.

She simply wrote: “Put your trash in the trash can.”

While throwing your rubbish away and being polite to staff may seem simple enough, one former hotel cleaner has higher expectations for guests.

They said that if you don’t empty your bin, strip your sheets or empty your water bottles, you’re a bad hotel guest.

Another former hotel cleaner explained why you shouldn’t make your bed when checking out.

Experts have revealed the scary reason hotel guests should never use the Do Not Disturb signs.

The hotel cleaner has asked that guests respect check in/check out times


The hotel cleaner has asked that guests respect check in/check out times
I’m a hotel worker and customers always ask the same thing at check-in

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