I’m a hotel reviewer – why you should NEVER use the free toiletries in your room

WHEN packing for a hotel stay, the one item we usually skip is toiletries – after all, there are free minis available in the room.

But a hotel reviewer has warned people urging everyone to stay away from the shampoos and shower gels provided by the hotel and instead, bring your own products.

She has shared many hotel Do&Don'ts on her TikTok channel


She has shared many hotel Do&Don’ts on her TikTok channelCredit: @hotel_hacks_/Tiktok

”Do not and I repeat – do not use the toiletries in your bathroom, ” said the TikTok user, @hotel_hacks_.

”If you don’t want a yeast infection or severely dry skin, ” she added, ”Then listen up.”

According to her, all the toiletries are ”just a watered down perfume mess”.


”I don’t even know what they put in there.”

She then revealed which brands, in her opinion, are safe to shower with.

”The only ones I recommend using are the ones you find in luxury hotels, like this one that you find in Ritz-Carlton.”

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Another favourite is produced by the brand Bliss that supplies the W hotel.

”These are the best.

”So when you travel, make sure to bring to bring your own products.”

She also added that there is no guarantee that the available toiletries are fresh.

After finding out the truth, a mortified viewer commented: ”Ughhh I use to stock up on those little shampoos and conditioners- I’m good off them now lol.”

”I didnt even know this but i always take my own shampoo / cond & bodywash.

”I guess being picky about this worked out on my end lol, ” shared another TikToker.

”When I stay at the W I CLEAR OUT all the spa cosmetics,” wrote one hotel fan.

”That lemony smell is so niiice.”

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According to this hotel reviewer, it's safer to pack your own shampoos and shower gels


According to this hotel reviewer, it’s safer to pack your own shampoos and shower gelsCredit: @hotel_hacks_/Tiktok
The only toiletries that are safe to use are provided by luxury hotels


The only toiletries that are safe to use are provided by luxury hotelsCredit: @hotel_hacks_/Tiktok
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