How Travel Advisors Can Market Themselves in 2022

The coming year is expected to be better for travel, but COVID-19 is still around, and that means the new year is a good time to assess your marketing aspirations for 2022. Use these tips from Avoya Travel to create a successful strategy to start the new year.


What To Keep in Your Business Plan for 2022

One area you can always depend on for a solid ROI is social media. This year gave us a good indication that social media is a key strategy you’ll want to roll over in your marketing strategy next year.

At its 2021 Annual Conference, Avoya announced a new customizable and co-branded Avoya Marketing Resource Center™ that includes a suite of assets to help increase the potential marketing reach of the Avoya Network and tools for social media.

What To Expand on in 2022

If you haven’t already tried, consider hosting a virtual event for your clients. Virtual events are more than likely here to stay (at least for the foreseeable future), and they remain popular with people who are busy and find it easier to tune in online. Take a chance and incorporate this new strategy to present your business’ offerings.

What To Get Rid of in 2022

It’s time to clean house. For most businesses, 2021 was a year of experimentation – finding out what works and what doesn’t work during these times. Take a look at anything that didn’t yield the results you were looking for and put it on the back burner for now – whether that was missing an opportunity to automate a daily task or testing a campaign that didn’t reach your clients. The industry continues to ebb and flow, so it’s ok to put aside an initiative and pick it up later.

Marketing yourself in the current COVID-19 climate may look different than in the past, but with a plan in place, you’ll be more than prepared to successfully reach new clients as well as engage with current ones. Visit or call 1-888-425-6078 to get started today.

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